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The 20 Minute Book:

What is The 20 Minute book?

The 20 Minute book” is a convenient pocket size booklet that contains the first 50 lessons as presented in Review I of the workbook of A Course In Miracles.

These teaching/learning review lessons are given through the Christ Mind of Jesus of Nazareth for the purpose of retraining our minds and hearts to a new way of thinking, restoring our awareness to our natural state of communication with everything and everyone. The utilisation of our hearts and mind in this manner is a proven means to awaken us from our nightmare of death to the memory and recognition of LIFE eternal and the perfect peace of and joy without opposite characteristic of our true nature and HOME.

Lovingly become known as “The 20 Minute Book” practice, many have found that by using these directives during the course of the day, they have come to experience a recognition of LIGHT that has always been with us.

The help GIVEN through the contact and use of that LIGHT has changed the manner by which the user had previously thought of themselves and the universe, restoring them to the awareness of a state of BEING that precludes the illusion of separation from each other, our SOURCE, and the whole singular REALITY in which we were created and share wholly. The practicing of the lessons in this booklet as suggested will facilitate the undoing of the linear, delusionary, conclusion-based thinking of the judgemental mind, (egoic thought system), which gives rise to the illusion of sickness, pain, suffering and death. In its place, the practice will induce the replacement of this thought system with an activation of the light within to bring about a new way of thinking, allowing the user to become aware of the peace of God which passeth human understanding and the wholly integrated BEING we ARE now and have always been. As you use the ideas presented within, you will become increasingly aware of the REALITY of the KINGDOM of GOD and the laws by which our SOURCE created us and by which we truly LIVE

It is recommended that you complete the entire catechism in one single completely private interval. This continuing encounter lasting approximately 20 minutes should be experienced daily. Ideally once each morning as early as possible and nightly before retiring to sleep. This application is invaluable assistance for those who are genuinely determined to discover the whole changeless reality of LIFE that is the ETERNAL LOVE of GOD. It is a proven direct method of restoring awareness to communication with the CREATIVE SOURCE of all that is or ever can or will be. It is an invitation to an immediate contact with the singular power of the REALITY of ETERNAL LIFE that is all around you and is YOU.

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