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We do NOT have any books in the USA until July 7th 2024 (or later).
You can fill out the form below, but if you are in the US, you will not receive your book until after July 7. 
We are in need of another print run. If you are able or willing to donate to the Foundation,
100% of your donations will go to printing more Sparkly Books.
Donate to print more Sparkly books here

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Fill out the form below to order your sparkly ACIM.

 You Pay for Shipping but the Sparkly book is Free.

After you fill out the form below, one of our team members will email you
 your shipping costs and where to send the money.
Then we will ship you your Sparkly ACIM!

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If you want a Sparkly Book you MUST fill out the order form above.
We will then send you an email re: Shipping Costs. 
Once you send us the shipping money, we will send you your Free Sparkly!

**If you’re in the US you will not receive your book until after July 7

If you wish to donate to help Sparklies be free for other students, please Donate Here.  Thank you for Giving!